Sometimes I fear I’ll run out of story ideas,  but since I posted the original story schedule  in January I’ve already added 5 more books to bring my total books to be written to 11. and I think I can probably make a series out of Worlds Apart.  So here is my updated publishing schedule with their blurbs (which are works in progress)



2015 3 books 150,000 words

July 2015 –Boom! Done!!

bk_coalCoal: Book One of the Everleaf Series

Complete at 61,000 words

Coal  has lived most of his life in the fey realm with his elven best friend Princess Chalcedony. However, they are no longer children and some fey have grown uncomfortable with their unusually close relationship. So when Chalcedony takes him to the human realm for a surprise visit, Coal fears she will abandon him. Instead, Chalcedony lures Elizabeth, a hyperactive six-year-old who can see through glamour to the fey realm.

While in the fey realm, Elizabeth accidentally breaks a law in the presence of the fey elite. To save face, Chalcedony must send the child to a labor camp. Because he feels responsible for her, Coal rescues Elizabeth. But having done so he’s betrayed his best friend.

On the journey to take Elizabeth to the human realm, Coal must face dwarves, dragons, and finally Chalcedony as he come to terms with never being able to return to the only home he has ever known.


Chalcedony: Book Two of the Everleaf Series

Approximately 60,000 words

December 2015

While exiled to the human realm, Coal decides to find his human parents. But in order to discover his past, he’ll have to make a deal with the government bent on prosecuting the fey.

January 2016- Moved to September 2015 because I rock.

Black Beauty

2016  September 2016

A girl who chooses to keep dreads instead of saving her life, a woman who will do whatever she can to have “White Girl Flow”, and a boy who thinks black girls  look like cockroaches, all come crashing together when they meet a mysterious neighbor.

Worlds Apart

90’s inspired Gangsta Sci-FI currently on Wattpad

For his entire life, Duane felt like he was being watched. When he wakes up on a different planet trapped in the mind of an alien, he learns he was right. But on this planet, he is the one doing the watching. Duane refuses to sit back and watch. He will get his life back even if it means stealing somebody else’s body.

Akasha is an alien. Her job is to travel to earth and witness human life through a person’s subconscious. But when her lover is lost on earth, Akasha will throw away her job, her life, and with the help of Duane, she will kill to get her man back.

Black Beauty Spin-offs:


30,000 wordsbk_blackbeauty

After ten years away from her family, Shemeya has returned, but the thing she thought she could controlled is now beginning to control her. In this spin-off of Black Beauty, Shemeya will learn why her hair turned into dreads.


30,000 words

After ten years, Andre returned to his family to find his mother had never given up on finding him, but his disappearance ravished his family, splintering the relationship between his brother and mother. So when his brother disappears, Andre will have to use his power to scourge the Oklahoma meth scene to find his brother before his family is torn apart even more. (Think: Devil in the Blue dress meets Dresden Files).


Ashley has returned after ten years, to find her boyfriend and baby’s father married and her daughter believing his wife is her mother. Madness ensure as Ashley tries to become a mother to a child who already has one, and resume the life she lost.  I guess this would be women’s literature with a bit of fantasy.


I’m not sure yet.  This will probably be released in 2017


Chaos  Squaredbk_chaos

The Chaos Sequel my mom has been begging for. Kim has finally been released from the Navy. Now with a group of specials, which include a girl with snakes who can render someone motionless with her sight, a ruthless female assassin, another telepath, and a few others. She will battle the father of her children to get her children back. Shemeya AKA Medusa will make a cameo.



50,000 words

Markus spent the first thirteen years of his life in perfect bliss with his normal family, but then he is abducted by a giant claiming to be his real father.


Tessa has lived her entire life in human realm, but when she grows three feet in one year she’s told she’s a giant and she’ll have to move to the fey realm.  Until she gets a cure, but in order to stop what her growth she’ll have to  make a deal with a deadly queen.


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