Works In Progress

The Everleaf Series (Fantasy)

Coal: Book One of the Everleaf Series 
Complete at 61,000 words

Coal  has lived most of his life in the fey realm with his
elven best friend Princess Chalcedony. However, they are no longer children and
some fey have grown uncomfortable with their relationship. So when Chalcedony
takes him to the human realm for a surprise visit, Coal fears she will abandon
him. Instead, she lures Elizabeth, a hyperactive six-year-old who can see
through glamour, to return home with them.
While in
the fey realm, Elizabeth accidentally breaks a law in the presence of the fey
elite. To save face, Chalcedony must send the child to a labor camp.
Because he
feels responsible for her, Coal rescues Elizabeth. But having done so he’s
betrayed his best friend.

On the
journey to take Elizabeth to the human realm, Coal must face dwarves, dragons,
and a royal army. Finally, Coal must confront Chalcedony and come to terms with
the possibility he may never be able to return home.
Chalcedony: Book Two of the Everleaf Series
Coal is living in the human realm and he is on a journey to find his true family. But in order to get to discover his roots, he’ll have to make a deal with the government agency bent on terminating the fey entirely.  
Elizabeth: Book Three of the Everleaf Series
Coal has everything he dreamed of: a mother and a happy home. But if its one thing he’s learned over the past few years, things aren’t always what they seem and the past has a funny way of popping back up.
Tessa has lived her entire life in human realm, but when she grows three feet in one year she’s told she’s a giant and she’ll have to move to the fey realm.  While there she get’s a law degree and holds out for a cure. When she gets it, she has to make a deal with a deadly queen to do her bidding.
Markus has spent the first thirteen years of his life in perfect harmony with his father, his mother, and brother until he is abducted by a giant claiming to be his  true father. While fighting his way back home he has to face his true nature.
Black Beauty (Novella)
A girl who chooses to keep dreads instead of saving her life, a girl who will do whatever she can to have “White Girl Flow”, a boy who thinks black girls  look like cockroaches, all come crashing together when they meet a mysterious neighbor. 

Chaos-The novella

Worlds Apart (Science Fiction)
Alana travels across galaxies to piggy back and witness human history. But one day her lover’s energy signature is lost on earth, she’ll risk everything and break every law on her dying planet to find him. But she has one, her past host, a violent american thug has gotten entangled in her energy signature and she can’t shake him free.

Children of Welfare Series (Non Fiction)

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