What can
you do in 45 minutes?
Or that’s what I read on my Google Reader and it stayed with me.  
I’m sitting at my son’s boy
scout meeting,and I’m asking myself what can I write in this little kiddy chair in
the next 45 minutes.  Well, I can write a blog
post and end my few months of silence. 
Tsk…tsk… I won’t apologize or make any excuses for my absence.  You’ve
heard them all before. I will say that I am still trying desperately to edge out time to write.  In fact, this
month I’ll wake up every day at 5 AM to write.  
I wish I could wake at 4
AM.  Because of the book 2k to 10k that says
most people won’t even hit their stride until they’ve been working for an
hour.  I’ve been editing for so long that I don’t even know how just plain writing feels.
I’m envious of
the retire early blogs (1, 2).  Ooohhh, how I
wish I could retire now  so that I could write all day so that I can brag about writing 5-10,000 words a day.  :: Swoon:: and ::dream on::.  For now, I need to make the most of the time I have right now.  
RIP  Google Reader
Google reader is retiring.  So I need to find a
new reader. 
That sucks, but now I’ll be able to double my productivity at work
since I will no longer have my Google reader to distract me.

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