Family Vacation: Costa Rica Spring 2013. 

I am frustrated with editing.  I feel like I’m standing still and wasting my time.  So I’m going on a two
week vacation!!!!!!  YEAH!!

That is a two week
vacation away from editing my current Work in Progress (WIP).  I’ve learned when I start slacking on my
editing its time to take a break and come back fresh.    And I’m going to do super cool vacation
activities like:
  1. Practice my pitches and/or
    blurbs for all my babies: COAL, CHALCEDONY (BOOK2 OF COAL), GIANTS, WORLDS
  1. Work on the query letter for
  2. Write blog posts.  Specifically prep blog posts for the
    Blogger Book Fair
  3. Read my assigned books for
    the Blogger Book Fair.
  1. Work on drafts of Chalcedony
    and Black Beauty.  This is where I get to write instead of edit!!!
  1. Resubmit the short story
  2. Whatever the heck I feel like

Ahhhhh!!! I love vacations

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