My most popular blog post is Two Strand Twists and Deadlocks. Its twice as popular the second most viewed post. Crazy, huh?!? Yesterday was the anniversary of my nephews death and I was not feeling spending two hours on a blog post, so I made a video instead. See the bottom of the page.

It was my first video and I was nervous so I didn’t even answer the questions I was supposed to.  So I’m going to answer them below:

Are my two strand twists too small?  Do I need to evenly part my hair for them to
look good?
—No, my parts are not even and my hair looks good. 
Should I start over with freshly washed hair?
I didn’t start over. I just re-twisted
How often and how should I wash my hair?
My hair flipped the Eff out because I didn’t wash it for a couple week because I didn’t want my hair to unravel. Now I wash it at least twice a week, and my hair looks better after it’swashed.  
What is the best locking gel? 
I tried a couple of different gels but
after six months I stopped twisting my hair so I didn’t need a gel. 

What are the best blogs for this information?
The best video
I saw confirmed I didn’t have to twist my hair on a regular basis. I wish I could find the video, but I think she took all of her videos down. 
How can I keep my dreads from being too scalpy?
Don’t get them twisted by a professional. The isht hurts. 

Is it locs, locks, dreads or dreadlocks? 
It doesn’t matter.

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