In May, I took my two
kids to Wiscon and I noticed how much it
sucked to keep track of all of our carry-ons at the airport and during the flight. 
My eight-year-old especially hated
dragging his roller bag.  After reading a
few backpacking/travel light blog articles, I decided to use backpacks instead
roller bags with my daughter on our NYC trip.

Luckily, Alien MindGirl had a nice travel backpack she let me use. 
She’d bought her backpack when she’d noticed how  rollers on the cobbled streets in Ireland
Here is rough list
of what we were supposed to pack for our three day trip:
-One T-shirt
-One pair of jeans
-One pair of yoga
-one pair of
causal pants
-five pair of
Toothpaste and toothbrush
-Two casual shirts
Exercise clothes
-A few extra
Ziploc bags
-sports bra and
regular bra
-contacts and
spare glasses
I packed the items on the list into the travel backpack, then I filled it up with extras that I thought I might need (the
same thing I did when I used rollers). 
The travel backpack wasn’t too heavy but it was very cumbersome.  I didn’t mind
carrying the large pack, but my daughter hated it.  
The biggest draw
back was our vanity.  The need to look
and feel cute overruled the packing light mentality.  I’m a single lady, I’ve been corrupted into
thinking I must look cute at all times because you never know when you will
bump into the imagined ONE.  So I needed
a super cute outfit every day.  But the
chances of running into The One is slim to none.  And if I do, as long as I’m not stinky and my clothes are decent, I doubt my dress will be a problem.  Besides, I have no desire to have a
relationship with someone who lives in another state (or country).
Next Time:
-No exercise
clothes, especially if I’m just going
somewhere for less than a week.
-Just the minimum
amount of cosmetics and hair supplies.
-No filling the extra
space of the travel backpack with junk
-one casual shirt
instead of two

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