The Seven Year Itch
Things I Wish I Would Have Known Seven Years Ago

A friend told me her doctor
told her that every seven years our taste buds change. This statement piqued my
interested, because it touched on something I’ve been wondering about. I wonder
in general if everything in our life should, or must, be changed every seven years.
Our desire, our jobs, our lives, and even our relationships are prone to change.
Thinking out loud, here is
something I think we should be flexible with, keeping mind we may want to
change out something every seven years. So here is some advice I would have
given myself seven to ten years ago.
Rent instead of Own 
It didn’t occur to me to rent after I graduated college.
I had been taught renting was for suckers and people with low credit scores. So
once I graduated from college, with the help of student loans, I got myself a
beautiful three bedroom home with a 30 year note.
If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t buy a house
unless I could pay it off in seven years or have the mortgage low enough where
if it was rented out, the rental income would be enough to cover the mortgage.
Follow the Money
I jumped on my first job offer right out of college and
stayed there for a number of years, if I had to do it over again, I would have
moved as soon as I was offered a job making more money with lots of potential
growth. Then I would aggressively change jobs while aggressively saving and
paying off debt.  That way when, or if, the seven year itch hit, I could change career fields altogether without
too much trouble.
Wait For Love
Wait until later to get married (this rule I did
follow). Tastes change every seven years and the chances for couples to grow apart
can be great. Marrying someone when you’ve been through a lot
will make divorce less likely. I’m 37 and I was married six months ago.  Let’s see if this hold true in seven years. 

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