Happy New Year!!!

Warning: Another finance post ahead.  No one really wants to talk about money, but one day (in 10 years), I want to start writing full-time. For that to happen, I have to have my money under control.    

When I first started my financial journey five years ago (shout out to Single Ma and Get Rich Slowly for showing me how to budget and get out of credit card debt), I cut every unnecessary monthly subscription. But due to complacency, the subscriptions have creeped up.  So here are some of the bills I have cut.

I subscribe to the 3 DVD Netflix deal for $25/month.  I’m wasting my money because I never mail the movies back.  I canceled the mail delivery and kept the instant option. Saving $14/month or $168/year. 

Treehouse is an online learning platform for web design, web development and iOS.  I subscribed for my daughter to keep her busy during the summer for $25/month.  (side note: For every badge she earned, she got $25 from me).  When school started there was not enough time (or enough incentive, apparently) for her to keep earning the badges.  I canceled the service. She’ll be sixteen next summer and old enough to get a job.  So I won’t sign up again.  Savings: $25/month.  $300/year. 

Habits of Entrepreneurs 
I love Leo of Zen Habits.  He has been just as influential as Single Ma from Fitness, Finance, and Fun and J.D. Roth from Get Rich Slowly in helping me out of credit card debt  So I couldn’t help but to subscribe to Habits of Entrepreneurs.  However, there are plenty of free podcasts telling us how to be entrepreneurs. I canceled my subscription saving $9/months or $108/year.    

For the entrepreneurial writers out there, I think this would be something good to explore. I’ll probably resubscribe in 2015 when I should have less financial stress… 

Family Gym Membership.  A few years ago, the YMCA was the best and only gym membership option.  The family rate was $58.  I lost a bunch of weight attending their classes, but times have changed and I am no longer willing to drive 15 minutes to get there, my kids are older and I can keep them in the house.  So I don’t need a family membership anymore. I joined the gym around the corner for $30/month.  That saves me $28/month or $336/year.   

Home Security
I tried to cancel my security service ($200/year), but apparently I signed a five year contract. However, I get a $120 discount from my home insurance company, so really I only pay $80/year for the service.  I guess thats not too bad.

Total year savings= $912.  That may not be much, but that’s enough for 2 airplane tickets.  (My favorite hobby is travel, so I measure money saved in plane tickets.  The average plane ticket is $400.)

I’m hoping this post inspires you to look closely at your subscriptions and cancel those you don’t need.  If you do,  come back and let me  know how much money you saved.

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