I’m ready
to start a new novel.  It’s going to be
about three generations of Black giants. 
I want the
story to skip in time-a big no-no for a beginning writer.  I want the story to be mostly about family
dynamics and less about plot—a giant no-no. 
Okay maybe I’ll come up with an interesting plot so that I can move the
story forward.  I’m not good enough to write
a story that doesn’t have an obvious plot… but dude, I can dream.
I’m going
to put myself out there and say I’m an expert at plot thanks to COAL.  I can move a story along with the big
dogs.  Yeah I said it.  So while I’m outlining GIANTS, I’m not just
going to outline plot like I did with COAL. 
I’m going to have the setting and description details in the outline
also.  That way I don’t have to go back
and do it on the second draft.  Editing
sucks and I want to eventually get to the point where my first drafts are
pretty clean.
I can’t
wait for NaNoWriMo so that I can get all this started.  :squee:: 
but first I gotta get COAL done, so back to work.

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