The Dark Knight vs. The Dark Knight Rises
Inspiration for Chaos
I was not
surprised to hear that a lunatic went into a showing of the Dark Knight Rises and
shot up the movie theater.  I was
saddened, but not surprised.  I don’t
think there has ever been a multi-million dollar movie created that
went as deep as The Dark Knight.  There are a few independent movies that have been willing to take it to such a dark place but never a big budget movie.  Hollywood is full of great, evil, and charismatic villains; however; the Joker from the Dark Knight is so far above any villain or antagonist ever to step in front of a movie screen.  Heath Ledger’s Joker transcends the terms antagonist and villain…

The Joker  is more akin to Hitler, a man who convinced a nation
to kill millions, or Jim  Jones a man who convinced his followers to drink cyanide laced kool-aid.  99.9999% of the people who saw this movie,
saw it for what it was: a great story.  But
there were others who were inspired.  I
was inspired to create a character whose sole goal in life was to create
chaos.  Sadly, someone else was
inspired to dress as Batman and shoot up a movie theater. 

Most people
I know who saw the Dark Knight Rises, enjoyed it more than The Dark Knight.  I didn’t.  The Dark Knight Rises didn’t have that depth or as much emotion as the Dark Knight. I also thought the twist at the end of the Dark Knight Rises was cheesy and Batman’s fast recovery was unbelievable.  But I was on the edge of my seat through half
of the movie…so I shouldn’t complaint too much.
The Dark
Knight Rises has a happy ending and the antagonists were not as loveable, so I
don’t think anyone will be as inspired to create chaos like The Dark
Knight.  People like happy endings.
note:  I’m having to post this without
really going as deep as I wanted.  I’ll
definitely revisit this blog post.  There
are a lot of themes here that I want to explore, but I’m behind and gots to go.
I recently read a google+  post which
suggested you post now and edit later. 
So I’m posting now and I’ll explore this topic later.  I’m glad I got this down.  It’s creating all types of questions in my

Updated: August 8, 2012
Add’l notes: I want to study Jim Jones for an analysis on villains.

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