1. Although,
    I’ve been spending more time writing, I’ve been spending less time
    blogging. So I’m going to experiment
    with more journal like posts. I’m hoping that I’ll get me to just plain
    post more. and I also need to schedule blogging into my writing times AND STICK WITH IT.
  2. I’ve been suffering
    with bouts of depression due to some changes I’ve made in my life (It’s
    no big deal and you don’t have to worry about me). There isn’t much I can
    do about this besides, be aware of my negative thought patterns and ride
    this out. If it gets any worse, I’ll have to make more changes. But I’m
    hoping I can ride out these bouts of self-consciousness and depression
    because I know there is a rainbow on the other side. I’m thinking writing positive posts first thing in the morning on Instagram might help. 
  3. I want a pretty
    author website like Katie Trattner and Gina Drayer. So I was playing around trying to do it myself, but no. I just ended up blowing up my blog.  I just need to scrape up some money and pay someone. 
  4. Reading has been
    helping with depression. Who knew?       I’ve always read for pleasure, but it’s great medication.  Great books I’ve read so far and I’ll
    plan on a doing a book review soon: Modern Girl’s Guide To Vacation Flings
     by +Gina Drayer  The Park (Evenstad Media Presents Book 1) by +Voss Foster  and None of the Above  
  5. My editor got back to me. He said nice things.  Really nice things. He made my
    depressing week much better. I should have Coal back tomorrow.
  6. I was supposed to
    spend two weeks doing a launch/marketing plan while Coal was with the editor. Yeah..between work and just not knowing what I should do, I didn’t do much planning. I did read Book Marketing is Dead: Book Promotion Secrets You MUST Know BEFORE You Publish by Derek Murphy. I thought it was a great read and full of good advice.  Again, I need to sit down and develop a plan on how I will implement the suggestions.
  7. I want to do a post waxing poetically about +Rayne Hall  and her writerly books including Writer’s Craft Power Pack 1: 5-Book Bundle.  She just bumped Sean Platt and his book  Write. Publish. Repeat out of the top of my favorite writer books.
  8. I’ve been spending
    way too much time at Panera Bread writing. 
    I wonder if they are getting tired of me.

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