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Is it taboo to admit
that I still want to submit my book to traditional publishers? 

Do you think
traditional publishing is becoming taboo? 
I wonder how many
indie writers have tried traditional routes and then went indie?  
If you tried traditional and then went indie,
how long did you wait before you went indie?

I wrote COAL with
the 65,000 to 90,000 word length goal.  That was/is the recommended word length for traditional publishing.  For a first time novelist, I’m not sure I’ll get my money’s worth for
the word length.   I think shorter works
are best for first time indie authors. 
From what I can tell, Amazon doesn’t differentiate between a novel that
is 70,000 words from a novel that has 50,000 or a novel that is 20,000 when it
comes to price.  I know there are price
recommendations based on word length, but I’m sure first time authors will have
to go pretty low to get attention, right?  So that throws the word length pricing out the window.  
What say you?!?  
P.S….I love that picture.  Apparently, Nat’l Geographic had a show out called Taboo and this was the pic they used for marketing.  The photographer, Joey L, has a great website.  

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