went to a women’s convention in April and Zhena from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea
was one of the presenters.  She was a
very inspirational speaker.  I took lots
of notes and I’ve been trying to implement her suggestions in my writing routine. As suggested by Steven Barnes, I
recently read Think and Grow Rich (TAGR) by Napoleon Hill and realized her presentation was a
simplified version of TAGR, but I don’t think that takes away
from Zhena’s presentation.  TAGR has lots of good
information, but its very boring.  
Anyways, here are
my notes from her presentation my thoughts are in italics: 
Notes April 4, 2012
Success is Mind Made not Man Made.
Find your Mission. If you can get motivated beyond a
paycheck then you will be motivated beyond long days and beyond the plateau.
How does this apply to me? What is
my mission statement? How will I get beyond the paycheck. How will I motivate
myself to awake in the morning to get it done?
When I was younger, I wanted to read speculative
fiction with black characters. I found a few, but not nearly as much as I
wanted. So my mission is to write speculative fiction from the perspective of a
person of color. And at least 10% of my profits will be used to buy diverse
speculative fiction books to donate to public schools.

Identify your beacon. Your daily, visceral motivation.
How does this apply to me: it should
be my kids, but no, they are the reason I go to work every day. My beacon will
be Nn.e.di Ok.ara.for. is currently the most prominent black speculative
fiction writer. She dishes out critically acclaimed books like nobodies
business. At some point, I want to surpass her. 
BTW, I met her and at the Sirens Science Fiction convention, and she was
Cultivate your Faith. Believing is Seeing. Entrepreneurs and
Writers Must see the Invisible.
How does this apply to me? I need a
daily, organic mantra. My most important mantra is: I will write. I will be great.
I will get published.
Pick your number and be audacious. Be a millionaire.
How does this apply to me? Money is a
good goal. But I want to have  audacious goals too. My audacious
Finish Coal, submit query letters
Finish Giants Story
Finish My Short Story Collection
Finish Coal Book 2
Finish Worlds Apart
I want to start by
getting a $20,000 book deal.  I will
adjust it to a million dollars in steps.
Find your tribe.
How does this apply to me? I need to
solicit opinions for stories. I need stop trying to be perfect. Criticism
scares me, but I need to face this fear so that I’ll be able to FINISH AND
SUBMIT something.
My tribe will be: my four
friends. I also need to find a critique group at some point.

Break through Blocks. Make peace with the plateau. Work the
plateau and make it work for you.
How does this apply to me? In order to
work the plateau. I need to show up every day and complete my goals.  I need to remind myself of these goals every
day. Evaluate myself and make sure the plan I have is working for me. If not, I
need to either change the plan or modify the goal.
Miscellaneous Tips and Quotes:
put your pearls before pigs.
get what you look for.
your mind, change your story, Change your future.
Time can Never be Found again.
+ confidence = success
+ Resistance = good

Updated: August 8, 2012

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