St. Peter in Chains by M Pepper Langlinais.

Peter Stoller is a consummate professional–as a British intelligence agent, he’s at the top of his game and has never had trouble separating his work from his personal life. But when he meets cabbie Charles Toulson, his personal life takes a turn he wasn’t expecting. Now Peter must decide: should he trust his instincts, or his heart?

Part espionage tale, part character study, and part love story, “St. Peter in Chains” is the first in a series of novellas following the adventures of a spy unlike any other.


I was expecting an intricate, long and drawn out spy
story.  It was not.  ST. PETER IN CHAINS was pleasantly short,
detailed and to the point.  It was a
great, short read that left me
asking the question:  What would I
overlook for the person I loved.  I can’t
wait to read Part II.

 On a side note:  I
attended at conference and my favorite speaker, Mel Odom, who is excelling at
independent publishing, said that he keeps most of his ebooks at 20,000
words.  Short enough for most people to
read in one  sitting.  It’s as if the reader just paid $3 for a
night’s entertainment, which is cheaper than a
movie.  ST. PETER IN CHAINS is a
perfect example of that.  I finished the
book in one sitting; and as a bonus, I finished the book feeling as if I was smarter than
when I started reading it.

BTW, there
is no explicit sex in the book.  I
have a dirty mind, so I was expecting some hot boy on boy sex, which included chains.  But no. 
That’s fine.  Its not always about the sex, right?  Good writing is way better than a little sex.  Hmm… with my dirty mind you wouldn’t believe that most of my books are YA and none of them have sex.  Go figure. 


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