I had a blog called
Single and Blessed.  When I created
Single and Blessed, being single was my biggest problem.   After a while, I was more than okay with
being single.  I learned to enjoy dating,
meeting new people, and the freedom of being able to do whatever the hell I felt like.  As I became more comfortable with  my life, I wanted to focus less on
being single and more on writing, so I started Master of My Dark Twisted
Make-Believe and ended my other blog. 
Two years later, I am no longer single.  I’ve been living
with my boyfriend for the past year and we’re getting married next  July. 
My favorite part: he isn’t sitting
back and watching me raise my children, he is participating.  He has taken on the responsibility of helping
me raise my crazy kids, and that is no small thing.  I’m not single anymore and I no longer am I a
single mother.  He has made my life so much easier and fuller that its ridiculous.

Do you know what
the hardest thing about getting married is?  
….having to change my bio/tagline.  
Here it is currently: 
I’m a single mom
trying to balance motherhood, dating, and working full-time while trying to
finish my first fantasy novel. Follow me on my journey at www.constanceburris.blogspot.com
I have an idea what I want my new tagline to be, but first I thought I’d get opinions.  How did you write your bio?  What do you think makes a good

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