As a
writer, I’ve learned how good praise feels. 
I know it’s vain, but it’s the truth. Therefore, as a reader, if I find
a book that I enjoy I tweet and post about it. 
And it’s fun! As a bonus, most of the time the author tweets back.  I had a Goodreads discussion with Voss
Foster about his amazing book The Park (Evenstad Media Presents Book 1)
I’ve also gotten retweets back from Saladin Ahmed the awesome author of Throne of the Crescent Moon and Jason Reynolds
the author of The Boy in the Black Suit
after I shared how much I loved their books on Twitter.
readers, if you find a book you adore, post and tweet about it. Give the author
love.  Writing is crazy hard  and a lot of us are scared that no one will
like our books. But if just one person likes it, it makes the incredibly hard
task of pouring our hearts out on sheets of paper (or e-readers) worth it. 

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