So this is
more of a public announcement than a blog post, but anyways here it is:
Put away your eBooks and downloadable audiobooks and
get to know Playaway. 
What is
playaway you ask.  Well a playaway is a
small device that plays pre-downloaded audiobooks. They are the
size of a deck of cards and all you need is a AAA battery and some headphones to enjoy them.  I love playaways because I was growing tired
of downloading the audiobooks from the library. 
Depending on my internet connection, it took a while to download.  I know downloading something isn’t a big
deal, but it was an extra, cumbersome step that had mostly stopped me from
using my library’s digital selection. 

 I had been passing the playaways at the
library for years. I never took them serious until I saw Lauren Beukes’ The
Shining Girls
(review coming soon) on a playaway.     

I love
playaways, but depending on the library there is a limited selection. And unlike an
audiobook that can be downladed onto a phone, a playaway is an extra thing to
keep track of and I’m scared I’m going to lose it. I’m also addicted to my bluetooth headphones, and so I do not like to be attached to headphones.  But, I put up with the headphones, because In the long run I’m saving time.  
So yeah. Playaways.  One more reason to hangout (or atleast visit) your local library. 

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