The last time I went the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc (OWFI) conference I didn’t have much
fun. See the posts here  and here 
This time, I had a plan for the OWFI conference:
1.   I’m not pitching.
So I’m neither desperate nor nervous.
2.  Interact with my
tribe. This year the homies from the YANA sisterhood (Katie Trattner, Vanessa K. Eccles and my OKC Facebook writers’ group
were there.  Social
networking is a good thing.
3. I stayed on location despite living around ten minutes
away that way I wouldn’t go home during the breaks, start watching TV and then
get too lazy to return.
In the end, the OWFI conference was awesome. My introverted self
talked to people and I learned writerly things. Thanks to the free liquor from 5:30 to 7:30 in the hotel
lobby. Special shout out to Justin Herd for giving me Create Space tips.
Y’all know I’m all about diversity. Well the number of POC at
the conference can probably be counted on less than two hands, however the GOH Speaker Les Edgerton did discuss race. And he addressed it without seeming
racist or like he was apologizing. Sometimes that can be a hard line to
balance. If Les is ever in your town for a conference, you must go.
Here is some juicy tidbits from his speeches:
Always end the chapter before the scene will be resolved
There is nothing wrong with writing slow and thinking about every word you put on the page
is a difference between home and business burglary.  Home burglars do more time because they are
more likely to hurt someone.
amount of people who are actual psychos are small. Don’t believe what you see
on TV.
is very little rape in prison. The rape that does exist is usually a black guy
raping a white guy to show dominance.
was a guy in jail who had his teeth knocked out so he can give
better blowjobs.

the 1960s, drug addiction was a black crime. 
White guys were sent to rehab. Blacks were sent to jail. 

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