I used to believe
This was taken from the front entrance of my daughter’s school

that parenting was easy.  Once I got
settled, learned to manage my money and Maya got over her eczema parenting was
a breeze.  Well for the past two years,
parenting has been kicking my ass.  I
feel like I’ve gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. 
I’m so worn out that I MADE my children get me mother’s day presents.   I’ve never done that before, but I Made them
do it  because dammit I feel like a
mother.  I feel like I’ve been working my
ass off and I need to be recognized for it. 

I live on the cusp
of Moore, Oklahoma and my  kids go to
school in Moore.  I had the thought to
pick up my kids at lunch, but I thought that they would be safe in school and I
didn’t want to use any of my vacation time. 
But then as I sat in traffic for an hour to pick up, I’ve never been so
close to the immediate destruction and aftermath of a tornado.  I’ve always been at home with my kids and or
my family.  This was the first time that
I’ve ever been separated from them during a tornado and so this is the first
time a tornado has ever hit home for me. 
And not because it was near my home or because it was dangerous.  It was the scariest because for the first
time I wasn’t with my kids .  It never
touched my kids’ schools, thankfully, but my heart goes out to the parents of
Briarwood and Plaza Towers where the tornados did hit. 
This parenting thing
aint no joke.   
Aside: I used to
laugh when people would tell me that they wouldn’t move to Moore because of the tornados.  To me that was like saying I
wouldn’t move to Oklahoma because of the tornados.  But after Monday, I’m rethinking the humor in
those statements.  And I’m about ready to
move.  Tornados and the city of Moore
have always had a pact, no schools. 
Homes and business are fair game, but no schools.  The tornado broke that pact Monday.  Oath Breaker!

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