I’ve been
gone for a few days to NYC and I need get back in the groove of things.  I should be editing, but instead of
writing.  I love NYC.  I wish I could live there.  My daughter and I went last year and loved it
so much we had to go again.  The second
time was better than the first.  Instead
of staying in the  middle of Manhattan,
we stayed in Harlem.  In a
BROWNSTONE.   It was beautiful and I
fulfilled my dream of pretending to live in NYC.  I know four days is nothing like actually
living there, but I have to take what I can get.  For me, NYC is the perfect city.  Its diverse. 
Its full of parks, and it has a great public transportation system.  If only I could afford it.

Here are a few pictures:

My son standing at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Central Park

Marcus Garvey Park

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