So next year when I
go to NYC I’d:
1.  Stay Uptown or in Harlem as close as possible
to Central Park 
2. Buy a
few expensive cool things instead of lots of cheap things. 
3. If
possible, don’t shop or eat in Manhattan 
Always ask if I’m in the right spot at the subway.  Don’t just rely on the
apps. Get second third and fourth opinion.
5. Rent
a bike and ride around central park. 
6. Have
more random conversations with random strangers.
7. Find
a coffee shop and stick with it…no coffee shop hopping.  New places are ultimately distracting.
By the way, the subway apps I used were New York Subway Map By mxData Ltd and  NYC Station Finder by Slalom consulting and on the last day we figured
out you can locate subway stations on Google Maps, too.  

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