mentioned I spent a butt load of money on covers I
commissioned for COAL that I’ll probably not even use. But I have to admit, there
is just something really awesome about seeing a visual representation of my
writing, and I don’t regret the money I spent. Most of the artwork and covers
haven’t been spot on, but when it works, it works and there is no high quite
like having a good cover. Well maybe getting a five star review and fan mail. I
love fan mail.

I was perusing Amazon for book covers with black YA characters. I
found an incredible cover and with a little digging, I found the artist.

I told her I wanted a young black male with an afro or
braids. After I chose a model from stock photos, she gave me this a FINAL

I would be kinda embarrassed to give someone this for a final product. I told her to forget about the afro. And this was the final cover we decided on.

In the above cover, the arms don’t match and he does not have a right hand. I
should have told her I wasn’t satisfied, I’m a punk and I was not confident it
could get any better. I do enjoy seeing a Black man with a sword and fantasy-like clothing.  It’s not something I see every day.
Next I went to Dreamup which is linked to Deviant art, which is similar to
99 Designs. If I remember correctly, you can either contact an artist, put out bids and see who accepts. 
I actively seeked one artist and one person accepted by bid. With Dreamup, I was hoping to
find character design I could ultimately use for the cover.
Here are the end results.

The first one is the best, but I don’t think neither would be good for a cover.  Again I do like seeing a black man with a sword. It makes me tingle.

Finally I went to Fiverr and asked for a cover from Jeshart,
the guy who did the cover design for Medusa (amazon link) and my WIP BLACK
BEAUTY (Wattpad link)

The cheapest and the best was Fiverr. Funny how that works
sometimes. I love this cover.

But tt
feels more MG than YA.  So the next and final step will be to 99 Designs once I pay for an editor and come up with the extra cash for another cover. Wish me luck.

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