Random Blog Topic:  My Five Greatest Accomplishments

1. Deciding to be
happy and not worry.  I was an unhappy,
mean little kid.  I had five siblings and
I constantly felt crowded.  One day when
I was in junior high, a little kid I was being mean to had the nerve to be mean
to me.  I didn’t like it.  I didn’t’ like that at all.  So I stopped being mean to others.  I understood what “treat others like you
want to be treated.”  And since then
that has always been my motto.
2.  Graduating college.  I had a baby after my first year in college,
my broke down a couple of times so I had to take two hour bus rides each way to
school.  Everything was working against
me, but the choice to drop out was never up to me.  I stayed in and finished.  Never really had a choice.
3.  Deciding not to die after finding out how
much Ant’s dad lied to me
4. Passing my
engineering exam on the third try.  
Again, I could have gave up.  I
did not.  I rocked.
5.  And I’m still choosing to be happy.  I feel like I’m pissing the cosmos off by
being happy.  “How dare you.  be happy,” Cosmo whispers in my ear with
a rough angry voice.  “How dare
you.  After all that I’ve thrown at
Well I’m still happy
and still living.  I may get down
sometimes… but I get right back up.   I
love that about me.

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