My 2015 Writing Goal(s)
It’s that
time again. You know where you’re supposed to look back your goals and then
look forward and decide where you want to go.  Last
year, I decided to list
my dreams instead of my goals. Which wasn’t so bad, most of those dreams
haven’t come to past, but 2014 was eventful anyway.  I married the greatest man in the world, I
published two short stories, and changed jobs twice. In addition, I’ve grown
exponentially as a writer. For upcoming year, I want to make real goals, not
dream. But goals can quickly lead to depression and pressure if they are too
lofty. And because I know life can quickly spiral out of control I’ve decide to
only make one goal. That’s it. You want to hear it? Here it goes:
Publish COAL
it. Considering COAL is already written and it’s being edited right now, how
hard can it be? But let’s break my one goal into mini goals.
Finish the current draft as soon as I get it back from the
developmental editor. The editor says that should be next week.
Find a cover artist. I’ve spent so much money on initial drafts.
It is ridiculous. I had been going with the typical YA covers, but now I think
I’ll settle with a typical fantasy cover.
Find a copy editor. And then a line editor. I think this is how it
goes, right?
Paperback formatter. According to Katie, it’s pretty hard to
format paperback editions and have it look decent. I had originally decided to
only do a Kindle version, but I’ve changed my mind.  I might u-change my mind depending on the
it, that’s all. Of course, ongoing projects will be completing Book 2 of Coal
and finishing Black Beauty. 

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