Sicario was one of the most masculine shoot-em-up bang-bang movies I’ve ever seen.

It reminded me of a very expensive alternative to Neflix’s Narcos.

The protagonist and the main character, the one doing all the action, were two different people as in Fury Road (Mad Max).

The entire movie was well acted and Benicio Del Toro way sexy in his old age. The main character was played by Emily Blunt. She did a great job, considering she was a passive character through most of the movie.

Sicario, Emily blunt

Sicario failed the Bechdel Test fabulously. In fact, there was only one other female speaking role in the movie. This isn’t surprising because Sicario is an unapologetic male fantasy. It made me wonder why was the main character female? So I had to ask myself: what does the female body usually represent? Fragility, vulnerability, inner strength, a moral compass. So was she there simply to witness the crazy? (They did give us a reason why she was in the movie, but I’m speaking metaphorically).

Emily Blunt gets thrown around and gets her ass kicked all through Sicario, and it’s not because she isn’t strong or capable. At no point did I get the impression she was weak.  She fails because the forces acting around her are stronger, tougher, crooked, and overwhelmingly masculine– and kinda evil. ( kinda Like Coal. He got his ass kicked all through the book.)

-The movie would make an interesting metaphor for Mother earth vs man (the human race), or in the case N.K. Jemison’s The Fifth Season (review coming soon) Father Earth vs. Man.

Sicario left no room for boredom. It had nonstop Action.

-The soundtrack was creepy and excellent. I’m tempted to buy it and listen to it whenever I’m writing scary or intense scenes.

-This was a crazy-ass movie, with men doing crazy-ass things leaving women and kids to pick up the pieces. It was a sad movie. Through all the sadness, madness, and death, life goes on (except for in The Fifth Season where supposedly life does not go on. Sorry, I just finished the book and it keeps popping up in odd places.)

Highly recommended.

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