Between you and I, I think I need to look for another job.  

I like my current job.  I have great coworkers and great supervisors.  But after ten years, I need a change.  Plus, I haven’t had a raise in some years (state laws need to be passed in order for me to get a raise).  Lately, I’ve been worrying more than usual about money.  

I’m worried because I want to get my daughter a car.  I don’t think she’d mimd if i didn’t buy her a car, but it has always been my dream to get her one.   #childhoodissues.  

I’m getting married in July, and I’m worried that I can’t afford a nice wedding.  

My fiancé is going back to college and I’m worried that we don’t have enough money to pay for his school.  

In addition, I want to self publish my book, but I can’t afford to do it how I know it should be done.  If I change jobs, I’ll have more money to put towards having a professional book.  However, I may not have as much time to devote to writing, because I may have to work longer than an eight hours per day. But I usually only write from 5 to 8 am in the mornings, so that may not be that big of a deal.     

I left my current job for six months.  I felt pressure too much pressure to be perfect so I quit.  I no longer care if I’m perfect, few people are.  I make a mistake, I admit to it, I think of some way not make it in the future, and then I shake it off.  Before, I had a hard time doing that.  It still sucks to make mistakes, but that is a part of life.  I’m also scared that I’m not be smart enough to leave my job.  I’m not that smart, but I’m not completely dumb either.  It takes me a while to get somethings, but given enough time, I’ll get it.  I’m confident in that point. 

Anyways, wish me luck.

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