I’ve been  writing instead of blogging.  I’ve gotten a couple of friends
together who keep me accountable and every month I have to submit something.  So far I’ve submitted two short stories, and I’ve learned so freaking much!  But I need to get on this blogging and promoting thing.  
To jumpstart the
blog, I’m doing a month of blog posts (excluding weekends).   I can’t promise they will be long or
interesting, but there will be month of them. This blog is supposed be about
writing, but its going to be hard to blog for a month about writing since I
have no idea how to write about writing. 
So I perused the interwebs for blog topics.  The topics I found were mostly non-writing
related, but at least I will be posting something.  Eventually I’ll get the hang of writing an
author’s blog, until then I will enjoy the journey.
Btw, one of my
favorite authors Justine
is also doing a month long blog fest. 

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