Spoiler Alert… Spoiler Alert… There is nothing but spoilers in this post….

I can’t stand Netflix and their habit of dropping 13 episodes of original content at one time. My whole writing weekend turned to shit because I spent all weekend watching another damn show. But in the case of Jessica Jones, I was happy to have wasted a weekend.

Marvel’s Daredevil was good. But Jessica Jones was great. I loved The Bitch in Apartment 23. So I can’t express enough how happy I was to see Krysten Ritter as a superhero in Jessica Jones. Excuse me while I !!!FanGirlSquee!!!


I should be writing, so real quick, I have a few thoughts on why maybe, just maybe, the writing room of Jessica Jones was chock full of women writers and feminists.

1. The casting of Luke Cage…

Big, Black, and a voice like Shaft. I didn’t think Mike Colter was all that sexy at first, but then he opened his mouth and spoke and I fell in lust. Great casting choice.

(aside: Mike Colton’s eyes are what I imagined Sean’s eyes to be in Black Beauty.)

2. The Female Orgasm

Twice we see Trish and with her beu with his head in between her legs. The camera focuses on her face… her pleasure. Those scenes reminded me of Shonda Rhimes and the groundbreaking female oriented sex scenes that she does in Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder.

3. Abortion


The most important scene that said, maybe just maybe this show had female, or at least feminist writers that did their homework on not just the female gaze but women in general, was the dialogue surrounding Hope’s abortion. Most movies will have the woman/girl have a miscarriage or carry the baby to term. If the baby survives, the mother will  give the child up for adoption, keep the child and grow to love it, or keep the child and treat him or her like shit. There was none of that in Jessica Jones.

Hope hated the seed of the monster who raped her. At at no point was the fetus humanized. And this was groundbreaking. This was diverse. This is how you write a movie with a female audience ( liberal female audience), instead of writing a female lead to appeal to a male audience.

Abortion is a hot topic. People are willing to kill in order to stop women from having the right to have abortions. So seeing abortion handled differently in Jessica Jones was interesting.

Sidenote: At the end, Hope kills herself. But her death is not linked to the abortion or guilt over the abortion. But still, the argument can be made that since she had an abortion she didn’t deserve to live, but I won’t be making that argument.

My interest in piqued.  Do you know of any other TV shows, movies or books that treated abortion in such a way?

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