My first
novel is almost complete and ready for publication.  I can feel it.  I can taste it.  I can see it being published and being
great.  But……+Dyane Forde  pointed out that my world is flat. 
I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers, and I’d hoped that I’d done enough to make
my world passable and none of my critique partners would say anything.  But someone did.  And now that someone did I have to admit this
to myself: 

my world building is just f*cking lazy.  

Grammar I work hard on –even though I still suck at it.  But world building I can’t even say I’ve tried very hard.  When I read fantasy
books, I tend to ignore the world and focus on the characters and the plot.  So that’s how I write.  I want my characters and I want my plot and
everything else is secondary. 
fantasy readers want the world, the characters, and then the plot.  I know this. 
So it’s time to get off my arse, do some world building, and then figure
out how I can add it to the story without slowing down the pace.  For me, PLOT COMES FIRST. But there is no excuse for my characters to walk around on a flat surface.    
So I have
admitted my insecurity, which is really just me being lazy, now I gotta do
something about it.  I’m off to Build A World.
BTW, check
out the other insecure writers here.  I really like Beverly’s post on how she deals with rejection .


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