I am currently on a
working vacation in New York City, Yo! 
While I’m there I’ll
be experimenting with social networking with the purpose of enhancing my trip not distracting from it. 
Here is where I’ll
Instagram:  constanceburris –posting
pictures from my phone
Facebook: Constance Burris –I
honestly don’t like facebook very much and it runs very slow on my iPhone… so I
won’t post to there often. 
Pinterest: constanceb1977 (Constance
Burris)–This site has nothing to with the NYC trip, but this is my favorite
social networking site.   I wonder if I
should remove my clothing boards and just keep the my Work In Progress
(WIP)  boards????
I’m not planning anything before hand except to write and go to Central Park.  My daughter wants to shop and shop.  What are your favorite spots in NYC? Y’all know of any good places to eat in NYC?  

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