Like most authors, I have a bad case of the imposter syndrome.   But I got this really great review of Coal from Wands and Worlds.

In her author’s note, Constance Burris says that she was inspired in part to write Coal by the movie I Know My First Name Is Steven, about an abducted child who was later forced to help abduct another child. Stories of changelings and fey abducting human children are a staple of European fairy folklore, but Burris connects the modern reader to it in a moving way. Watching the mother under the influence of fairy glamour agree to give her child to Chalcedony, when clearly it’s the last thing she wants, is heartbreaking.

And Black Beauty had this remark from a reader:

 This story takes place in Oklahoma–not the most common of modern-day fantasy settings–and is full of little details, like that Gary England is Oklahoma’s favorite weatherman, or mentioning Lake Hefner and Lake Overholster. It’s not only great to have African-American fey fantasy, but to have Oklahoma fey fantasy. More representation all around!

And this one

 I think every black girl needs this book on her shelves.



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