I start a new job in one week.  Whoo.. It’s been a
stressful couple of months. My fourteen-year-old nephew died from a rare, very
rare, type of fungal disease that attacked his brain.  And I’ve been looking for a new job. I love
my current job.  I love my co-workers,
the location, the routine, but I’ve been stressing over money as I wrote in earlier posts, so I finally decided to look for a better paying job.
While I
was looking, I was concerned about my blog and whether having a blog dedicated
to writing would affect my ability to look for a day job.  So I was on the fence about making the
blog private.  I
The writing blog, didn’t seem to have any negative impact because I start a
new job in a week and I’m super excited. 
For one, it solves my money issues. 
Two, my new boss seems super cool and I think I’ll learn a lot in this
new position.  And three, I’ll be able to pay
off my student loans and my HELOC in two years. 
Three and half years after that I’ll be able to pay off my house.  I will be completely debt free in five and a
half years.  WaWah!!!  Happy Dance. Happy Dance. Happy Dance.


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