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I’m a single mom trying to balance motherhood, dating, 

and working full-time as YODA

As I said in my last post, I was dreading changing my tagline, but creating my tagline wasn’t so hard this time.  I was able to create a tagline in less than ten minutes using two easy steps.  ::Cue the loud mouthed infomercial man::

Step 1 for creating a tagline:  take one minute and list the
keywords that best describes you.  You know those keywords that you would put on a gravestone if you died.  
These are my words

Mother to two


Loves to travel

Loves to read

Loves to create and read books with diverse characters



Sci fi and fantasy junkie

Currently obsessed with weight lifting

Believes Happiness is a choice not a matter of circumstance

Step 2 for creating your own tagline: Take nine minutes to write a
tagline using everything on your list at least once.  It helps if you mark the keywords you used as you go. 

1. Novelist by night.  Engineer by day.  Currently obsessed with lifting heavy stuff.

 2. Fantasy author, nerd, and introvert.  Believes happiness is a matter of choice not circumstance.

 3. Avid reader who decided as a child to create great books with diverse characters. 

 4. A mother of two, a science fiction fantasy junkie and a novelist who more often than not chooses to travel over paying bills.  

That’s it.  It was much easier than I thought it would be.  Now I have to decide which one to use.  Thoughts?
For inspiration, I also looked at twitter handles.  Twitterverse has the best examples of taglines because taglines are all they have to snag followers by.  

Here a few cool ones: 

Dad, Husband, coffee addict & multi genre author. I read,
Mention,Mention, Follow and RT Indie & self pub authors because Indie
Authors rock!..
Author of 6 eBooks and 6 paperback and I have only just begun. I
love to write, read, art, family and friends. They make me smile and life a
little brighter.
I AM an author, salesman, optimist, dreamer: May the four always cohabit & produce wondrous progeny. In the gene pool of life, I’m an unflushable floater.
Novelist, wife, mom, collector of otherwise unwanted 4 legged
beasts. Science and Anime Geek. A Goddess with a Godzilla twist.

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