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Witching Location: Developing the World of Kala West

by Auriella Skye


It can be a task coming up with a location for a story. I can’t help but think of that known phrase: Location, Location, Location. This isn’t limited to real estate or business. Location connects closely to fictional world building too. After all, location forms into a character all on its own. It can grab onto readers and make them long to visit the place, forcing them to experience the imaginative surroundings for themselves. That character can either add life to a story or kill it.

I wanted my world of Alpha Warlocks to be one that people craved to visit and hated to leave. It needed to be a place that aided my witches and warlocks in finding their magical love for each other, the backdrop of memorable triad matches. To incorporate all of this, there were a few things that helped me imagine Kala West, Florida.

Know the Surroundings

I’m an East Coast girl at heart. I haven’t lived anywhere other than along the east side of the coastal U.S. I’ve discovered that the best places for stories are the landscapes that I know well. Yes, I can research places to create locations. I’ve done this often, but the stories that seem to stay with me, and often with my readers, are the ones in lands I’ve come to know personally.

I’ve been a Floridian for years now. It’s the area I call home, and it felt right to have my Alpha Warlocks of Kala West series take place in the captivating Sunshine State. As I created the characters, I couldn’t help but visualize a warm climate to match the unending magic woven throughout the stories and mystical culture. Florida provided that perfect, enchanting setting.

Feel the Weather

One main event that ties my stories together is the Firewick Festival, a gathering of Kala West witches and warlocks in hopes that Perfect Triad matches will be formed. A triad consists of one curvy witch and two alpha warlocks, a yummy mix indeed. I pictured large bonfires lined all along a warm beach coast, an event so warm and mystical that it could only be a part of a tropical climate.

I’ve always thought there was something magical about waves crashing onto beach shores, and I tried to capture that feeling in making Kala West. The ocean and beach setting plays a large part in creating the festival and the world my witches and warlocks occupy. Each witch and warlock has an affinity for fire, water, earth, air, or spirit. The natural ambiance of a Floridian landscape felt perfect to harmonize these five powers and show their true potential in a place where almost every day of the year is swimming weather.

Predict the Future

I don’t mean have psychic abilities (although, I admit, that would be really cool to possess). In order for a story to take root in a location choice, you have to know where your story will go in future additions or possible sequels. I wanted a world that belonged to my characters, one that was as unique as each story they had to tell.


It helps to know what other stories you plan on creating, so you can test out the longevity of the setting. Before I created the Alpha Warlocks of Kala West, I had a longer paranormal series in mind. Writing my Alpha Warlocks and their witches allowed me to discover more about the fictional town I brought into existence, and once I did, I knew it was a world I couldn’t let go of easily. This possibility of multiple stories and characters made Kala West real for me, and hopefully it becomes real for my readers too.

Create the Present

I had one last thing to decide after choosing the Floridian home for my stories: use a current city or create my own. A strong benefit of using an existing town is that many of the place’s characteristics are already known. Sure, you can add your unique twist, but the foundation has been set for you to make your special mark. Creating your own town provides the benefits of being unique, but it also requires more time for solid world building, which can be fun yet challenging.

Kala West is my own culmination of Key West, St. Augustine, Miami, and Sanford. All four cities have histories, color, and culture to make them unique destinations. However, each one alone didn’t have what I desired from a city. By creating Kala West, I could create my own roots, magical elements, and history that add layers and mysteries to the characters inhabiting the town.

I love creating settings in my stories. They play a vital part in making fiction and story mythology memorable to readers. Although it can be difficult finding a perfect location, many fun writing moments come from building the world where characters live. You know you’ve created an interesting location when that area in fiction seems like a better place to live then the real world you already inhabit.

My notes: I agree with Auriella about writing stories in the place you call home.  All of my stories are set in Oklahoma. I love it here, and it gives a depth to my stories it wouldn’t have otherwise. 


bookcover (1)The Alpha Warlocks’ Desire By Auriella Skye

Publication Information


Publisher: Sensual Skye Publishing

Pages: 93

Genre(s): Interracial Paranormal Romance

Plot Summary

Curvy witch Claire Brixton is in no mood for a party, especially one that’s supposed to match her up with two strange warlocks. Her experience with one warlock was bad enough. Besides, she has responsibilities to think about. With her big sister away enjoying her own sexy Perfect Triad match, Claire has to oversee the magic shop and try to keep their youngest Brixton sister from burning it down.

When Claire finally discovers her two gorgeous warlocks, she’s taken aback by the magical chemistry between them. It’s enough to both scare and excite her. One touch makes her crave more of them. However, memories of the past linger in the air, and insecurities and doubts from old hurts threaten to stop their bond before it even starts. The imperfect warlocks have their own issues too, and Claire isn’t sure that if she accepts them as hers, they’ll accept her in return.

Jett and Axel are a newly formed Warlock Pair, but Jett is far from ready to accept a Perfect Triad Bond with a witch, even if it means a stronger, more stabilized magic for them all. Axel, however, is more than ready to find their third. Even as friends, the two Alpha Warlocks are barely able agree and get along with each other, let alone merge their magic with another.

But when these powerful Alpha Warlocks save Claire from two over-zealous warlocks at the festival, history and the present merge into an encounter that fills them with intense desire for her. They can’t see the curvy earth witch joining with anyone else but them.

Is Claire strong enough to use the sexual and magical connection she has with these alpha male warlocks to heal them so they can create a future together?

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Author Information


Auriella Skye dreams of becoming a powerful goddess and creating a whole pantheon of gods to do her naughty bidding. Until then, she happily spends her time weaving those fantasies into the erotic and fun tales that she enjoys reading as much as writing.

She loves creating characters and worlds filled with the wonderful stuff reality lacks. In her spare time, she enjoys reading romance novels from other awesome authors, hanging out on social media, and watching movies. Auriella appreciates science fiction, action adventure, and mythological films, especially ones with sexy alpha males as the heroes.

Auriella resides in Central Florida and spends her days and nights surrounded by words in their various, spectacular forms.

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