The end of 2013
is almost here and I am feeling reflective.  
I’m hesitant to write goals for 2014, because not achieving those goals
can lead to the darkside, and achievements 
aren’t always what they are cracked up to be (i.e I try to live for the
present instead of tomorrow).   But I
will share this one goal, which is the same one I had for 2013.
Publish Coal: The
first book in the Everleaf Series.
I didn’t do it in
2013, but I’m much closer than I was at the beginning of the year. 
Anyways, goals
aren’t any fun.  I like dreaming much
So here are my
1. Publishing my six
  • The
    Everleaf Trilogy
  • Giants– a young boy taking from
    his home by a giant who claims to be his father
  • Black
    Beauty– A
    series of horror stories that take place in an apartment complex in OKC
  • My Magnum opus Worlds
    Apart–A science
    fiction story about an alien and young boy.
2. Earn enough from
writing so I can retire from  my job
and move downtown.
3. Be the Guest of
Honor at my two favorite Conventions.
4. Grow old with my
5. See my kids happy
and grown

6. Spoil
the hell out of some grandkids (long, long, long term goal).

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