Last weekend, was my one-year wedding anniversary. I’ve bee married for One Whole Year! I’m still in awe. I was a single mom for a long ass time, I was pretty sure I’d stay that way. But the universe had other plans.  To celebrate we rented a cozy cottage located in the middle of the city.

Because the hubby had to work during the day, I used this as an opportunity to do a solo writing retreat that I had read about here.

Writing Retreat Results

Officially, I was not supposed to have internet, but damn I had marketing and twitter posts I wanted to schedule, so I was looking forward to the internet. But no such luck. The service was unreliable. Through a lot of patience, I did manage to complete 30 tutorials on Canva and create some pretty good art teasers. I would have been able to do a lot more if the internet had been good.

The second day, I didn’t bother with the internet and just drafted the blog posts like this one. So, I am officially caught up with blog posts for July.  Unfortunately, I’ll still have to go home to upload them, but they are drafted and that’s a relief. 



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