In addition to the awesome excerpt and author intro by Saruuh Kelsey, I get to share….

10 Random Things About
The Beast of Callaire
1 – The Beast of Callaire was originally called The Red of Callaire,
after the group of Legendary descendants Yasmin is a part of
2 – In another book, Fray might have been the main character. She grew
up thinking she was human, only to find out she can do extraordinary things
when she meets an inhuman love interest who opens Fray’s eyes to the Legendary
3 – One of the characters isn’t who they claim to be
4 – The characters in The Beast of Callaire who are descended from
mythical creatures are shape shifters, and change forms at every full moon
5 – I’m terrible for matchmaking, and I want all my characters to find
love and be happy. I’m learning that not every character needs romantic love to
be happy
6 – Fray and Yasmin find each other by accidental telepathy. It’s
exactly as awkward and frightening as it sounds
7 – The main character, Yasmin, has three surnames—one human, one from
her God ancestor, one from her Creature ancestor
8 – Each Legend Mirror book cover will feature a different character
that is pivotal to the book
9 – Yasmin has a hamster named Currer Bell
10 – The Beast of Callaire will have a new cover in the summer, and it
will be green!

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