Book One of the Everleaf Series is finished (You know except from Beta Reader Comments)
And I am daydreaming, doing research for Book 2 of the Series.  Here is what I know I’m doing so far:
-The Hulk.  Coal will discover comic books.  So there will be lots of Hulk references.  I’m not sure why, but he keeps popping into
my heard. 
-Coal will kick ass.  In book 1, Coal was young, weak and naive.  But he’s been learned from the best and he will be
something that he hesitated to become in book one.  He will be Angry (maybe this is why The Hulk keeps popping into my head).   
will be butterfingers.  Lots of
will be more shapeshifters
will be gender-bending– because I’ve always been confused  by the
gender rules.
there will be Coal and Chalceondy hooking up. I love a good romance and
I put them so much drama in book one.  I
can’t wait to bring them together in book two.  

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