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A pair of rivals find out their husbands want to run off with each other.
Short Review:
Do I recommend: YES. Absolutely
Diversity: 5+ for having a few people of color, but really the diversity comes from seeing older people fall in love, fall out of love, and live their lives. I don’t see this often and we all need to see this.

Long Review
After watching The Homesman, I needed some laughter in my life, and Netflix has been pushing this movie pretty hard so I clicked play.

The previews make it seem like it’s just two older ladies sitting around lamenting about their divorced. There is nothing new and original about that. I didn’t know that their husbands were leaving them because the men are gay and the want to be gay with each and get married. Oh and they’ve been secretly gaying with each other for 20 years.
I assumed once the men came out, they would leave the show. Just a distant memory that pops up every now and then for cameos. The men, Martin Sheen and that guy from Law and Order (Sam Waterston) really stole the show. It makes me a little sad to say this because (reader expectations not met again) I wanted Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda to have their moment in the sun. They are wonderful actresses, but Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston make the show. I have never seen anything like this on Television. It’s ground breaking and it’s wonderfully written. This makes for good TV.
I also liked the relationship between Lilly Tomlin and the lawyer guy from Law and Order. The writers did a perfect job describing how much they loved and depended on each other even after he left her. I was kinda looking forward to them having a polygamous relationship.
Grace and Frankie is definitely worth watching. It’s much better than the Amazon show Transparency which hold a similar premise about older person coming out to his family. Not that they were competing, but there is something missing from the Amazon show.  
There was also lots of sexual tension.  Ernie Hudson looked hella good with his curly and gray hair.

In the end, I enjoyed  seeing 70-year-old men and woman exploring their sexuality and defining their own versions of beauty. #Effyourbeautystandards #Expandyourbeautystandards.

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