Exploring Oklahoma and My Youth

I’m writing
a series of speculative short stories that take place in a n apartment complex
in Oklahoma. Writing the shorts stories make me 
feel like a regionalist. Because I want to write about Oklahoma and  explore my youth.  This surprises me.  Just as I am also learning that I want to
write about Oklahoma,  I  am also prepared to leave it.
— How is
that for  irony?–
Apartment Memories
We moved
around a lot until I got to the eighth grade. 
I think we moved an average of once a year.  Most of the moves were to apartment complexes
on the northwest side of Oklahoma City.
kindergarten, my brother and I were taking the trash to the dumpster.  He ran across the street of the apartment
complex and was hit by a truck.  He had
to stay in a hospital for a while.  I
loved staying in the hospital with him. 
apartment complex was on a hill. 
Oklahoma City is pretty flat so that’s a big deal.  I loved exploring in those apartments with my
brother and sister.  I would take them on
mountain climbing expeditions. 
There was
one apartment complex that was a few blocks away from some type of man-made
lake, pond or something.  I stumbled upon
it one day following a really cute boy from India who had a crush on me.    It was like an oasis in the middle of the
desert.  There was also three or four
different complexes connected to each other that I would explore.
There was a
complex with lots of other black kids and we would  swim all the time in the complex’s pool.  This apartment complex had a good communal
feeling to it.  Everyone knew each other.
I remember
the kids fighting.  My older sister
especially was outgoing and attracted lots of negative attention.  I remember girls following her home to fight
I remember
the tornado warnings and a few families getting together in one apartment to
ride the tornadoes out together.
I remember
living in Norman, Oklahoma and going to shelters when there were tornado
warnings and seeing all the people in space. 
I remember
coming home from my grandmother’s home to our apartment being destroyed by the

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