This blog post should be titled Cheesy Netflix Teenage Movies That I’m Too Old to be Watching:
Anyway the blurb from Amazon:
An epic Romeo and Juliet romance unfolds as an Atrian boy named Roman and a human girl named Emery encounter many dangers in their pursuit of love and peace between their species and each other.
Diversity: 4 (maybe 3.5) because black characters just seemed like tokens at the beginning. Later they were fleshed out, but it still left a nasty taste in my mouth. It also does a wicked on bigotry, and racism. It could probably piss of some people, but I thought it was well done. 
Story: 3.5
Characterization: 4 (I ended up loving the side characters more than the main characters!)
Recommend: Yes, because I still wanted to binge watch the hell out of this show. The low rating is probably just me feeling guilty for enjoying all of the cheese.
For children of the 90s, Star Crossed is a remake of the late 90s TV show  Roswell. So it’s basically a show about  humans and aliens falling in love with each. With Star Crossed, they mercifully skipped the “nobody knows we’re human” subplot. But like Roswell, the actors look way too old to be playing high school students.
Anyways, the first two, maybe three, episodes were not so good, but to the downfall of my writing time, the tension, drama, and diversity increased as the series progressed. It even had a little bit of kink during the middle of the series.  There was an alien-girl on human-girl on alien-boy love triangle that gave me kinky chills. Three words: Teenage alien-human pregnancy.
Update: the series aired originally on CW. I am sad to report that the show has now been canceled. I was really looking forward to TiVo-ing it. ::sad, sad, tears::——-
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