The Bucket List:


1. See my kids grown and happy. 

2. Become a famous writer and start making a living at it so that I’m
independently wealthy.  Okay I can’t
control this so I gotta remove it from the bucket list.

2. Finish my books: Coal,
Coal Book 2, Worlds Apart, Giants, and Black Beauty Horror Stories and every
other book that forms in my mind.


 A bucket list, in my opinion, is
something you would regret not doing if you died.  The only things that I would regret not doing
are those two things.  It used to be
getting married, but I’ve since deleted that. 
I learned that it wasn’t that I wanted to get married, but I wanted to
experience what it felt like to live with a man.  So I can now mark that off the list.  It’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to


It’s not a very long bucket list.  I
can’t think of anything else.  Nothing.
Nada.  I almost feel like a
Buddhist.  To desire nothing is the path
to happiness.  I guess I’m not there
completely since there are still two things on the list.  But I’m definitely happy and content. 

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