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Fantasy author E.D.E. Bell begins the saga of a split world, dragons, and lost magic in a new fantasy trilogy. The Shkode trilogy is a quirky and modern take on dragons and wizards. Written for adults but suitable for mature young adults, The Banished Craft follows the adventures of Cor, a woman caught in a dying world that does not accept her, and Atesh, a dragon scientist who’s been asked to violate his own ethics or put the lives of his family at risk. Follow their trials as they deal with a shattered world, mired in political upheaval, while they try to rediscover a lost magic.


*I received this book for free in an exchange for an honest review.


Pretty cover, right? Don’t let the cover fool you. This is a complicated, ambitious work of epic fantasy. Adventures in diverse fiction has led me to The Banished Craft where not only is there a brown-skinned female lead, but it has dragons as POV characters.

The human world has a totally male dominated society where women cannot raise children alone, neither are they allowed to read.

The dragon world is ruled by an evil female dragon who will do anything to stay in power.

What I liked

There wasn’t a lot of magic, but I did enjoy what there was.

The dragon POV.

The writing was excellent

What I didn’t like

The pacing. At times, I had to stop reading because there wasn’t enough tension to keep my attention.

There were too many POV characters, so it was hard to become emotionally invested in them all.

Do I recommend?

It was a bit slow, but it’s great for fans of epic fantasy that love political intrigue.

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