Blogging versus Writing
I’m on my
fourth week of my blogging challenge and I’ve posted every day.  The first week was easy.  I did most of the posts for Week 1 and few
days of Week 2 sitting on the couch watching the first two seasons of Angel on
Net Flix.  Week 3 wasn’t as easy as the
first two weeks, but it was still pretty doable.  And Week 4 shouldn’t be a big deal.  However, 
I do feel myself running out  of
ideas, but with moderate effort, I could do this for another month.  
Before I
didn’t blog regularly because I felt guilty that I wasn’t working on my
novel.  Do I still feel guilty?  No.   I
think blogging uses a different part of the brain than fiction writing-or at
least editing  (all I’ve been doing
lately is editing), so really blogging has probably been a relief and an excuse
to create and get out of my editing hat.
example, I stayed up late for the past two nights but I still woke at 4:30
AM.  I’m tired and my brain can’t
edit.   So I’m writing. Creating.
doesn’t take as much concentration as editing. 
I need to pay full attention to writing… not so much with blogging.  Although as my readership grows, I might want
to stop editing in front of the TV.

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