I am an insecure writer AND I have bad grammar.  As a writer and a blogger, bad grammar is like talking to your co-workers and customers with stank dragon breath.  No one has time for dat.  My last critique partner told me that I needed to use grammar check because it should have caught my most obvious grammar mistakes.  Well I had done grammar check, and unlike my blog posts, I had spent a lot of time editing that chapter!  That was such a blow to my ego that I haven’t given her anything else to crit since.  I’m so INSECURE. 
Now that I’ve admitted this, I’ll have to give her my next chapters because she reads this blog. 🙂  What’s Up, H!
Grammar-handicapped or not, I need to get the rest of my novel critiqued.   I guess I’ll just have to invest in a really good (and patient) editor when I’m ready to get it published.
–this is my first post as an insecure writer.  Go check out the other insecure writers!

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