I’m ducking my head in to say hi and give y’all an update. I apologize for the silence. The kiddo has been sick for about six weeks. It had me stressed the eff out. Thus no mental energy for the blog. I have been writing, though. So no worries on that front.

Sirens Conference
I had a blast. Met some awesome ladies like Justina Ireland, Kate Elliot, and Rae Carson. I got to see BR Sanders in person and she is even more awesome in real life, which is saying a lot.

This is the best conference ever. EVER. It has officially surpassed Wiscon as my favorite Con.
Random Thoughts: Attending a conference as a writer is much different than being an attendant. Befoe I paid zero attention to agents or editors. And I only had eyes for writers I knew.


SUNDAY at 3PM CST Dos Twinjas AKA Libertad and Guinevere Thomas AKA GL Thomas will be interviewing me for the BlerdBookClub! Them Twins are crazy, so I guarantee this will be a fun interview. So check it out on Youtube and/or Twitter.

COAL fans, will you do me a favor? Please send me your questions (or leave them in the comments) what do you want to know about Coal, the novel, the characters, the world? I need to prep. This is my first interview, and I’m nervous. I’ll be sure to answer your questions in the interview and on the blog afterwards.

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