It’s that time again. I want to write about how slow and steady really does work and how  motivation is overrated. I also need to do some book reviews. And I need to tell you how Chalcedony is almost complete. You should totally follow me on AMAZON so when the book is ready Amazon will send you a link. I guess I can talk a little bit about it all

Action is more important than motivation

Chalcedony was hard. A lot of ways much harder to write than Coal. The key was pushing through it rather I felt motivated or not. Some days I could write 1000 words easy. Other days it would be  as struggle to hash out 50 words. Most days I wrote, but I had to be kind to myself on the days I didn’t. I wasted a lot of time on Facebook, watching Television (Amazon and Netflix have turned me into a TV show binge addict) and listening to audiobooks. I refuse to feel guilty on the days I simply chose to be in the moment with my family.

I am wondering if the time and effort I put into writing is worth what I’m giving up in terms of time.

The act of enjoying the good days and working through the bad applies so much to life. Some days I’m happy and ecstatic about my job, my marriage, life. And some days it’s all I can do to ‘pretend’ to smile. But I remind myself that happiness is a choice, and total lack of motivation is always short-lived. Action is so much more important than motivation.

Books I’ve read: Beautiful adventures in Prose and Fantasy.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor. The first book was so slow IMO, but over and over the book came up in conversation so I finally slogged through it and book 2 and book 3 were awesome and beautiful.

I tried to read some of the traditional YA recently released. Craptastic. Beautiful girls, doing dangerous things and being the best at everything and falling in love with the guy that is best at everything. ::BARF::  I don’t even understand. So I went back the modern classic YA authors Holly Black (The Darkest Part of the Forest) and Cassandra Clare (The Infernal Devices Trilogy). Holly Black killed it in the Diversity aspect of Darkest part of the Forest. Clare’s writing style of Infernal was sooo beautiful. She should have gotten mega awards for this book, but the diversity was not so great.

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga  Wow! Such a great story with such great characters.  Book 2  felt was more filler than anything. It had lots of over explaining. But the uneven plot was so worth it to get to book three and read the awesomeness that was the ending. This series actually needs its own blogpost because the diversity, the action, the characters were off the chain.

Television I’ve watched

I hate Mondays, but Better Call Saul makes me look forward to them. I never got into Breaking Bad, but I love Saul. I love fantasy, particular YA fantasy because its full of action. Saul has an incredible amount of tension without being an action story. It’s full of dialogue but it balances it out with tension. Unlike say… Scandal which is dialogue heavy, and overly dramatic. Saul has so much tension that I feel like I’m watching a horror.

Random Movies: Stalking Oscar Isaac

I didn’t understand the hype around him Oscar Isaac  from Star Wars so I watched a couple of his movies on Amazon Prime.  Ex Machina was okay. I kept falling asleep. I don’t understand why the sex bots were Asian but the one bot to get away was not.The best scene was the dance scene.  Oscar has some moves.

However, I did enjoy MOJAVE . Two evil bad guys were the protags. The characters were so well written as horrible human beings that it was really hard for me to pick my favorite. But since they were equally good at being bad it didn’t really matter. But I will say the blonde in this movie was really Hot. –I’m filing him away as a potential character in a future book.

My son complains all the time that the good guys always win and the bad guy loses. Mojave was a really good example of how to get around that–just have all the guys be bad. I’m filing that away for a future book idea.


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