Life is short. Why waste it on boring books?

I bought  Songs of Earth and Power by Greg Bear a few years ago because it was a beta reader’s favorite book. But damn, I had a hard time reading it. I loved the premise but the pacing was too slow. So after years of passing it on my bookshelf, I took it on vacation to Worldcon last year. I finished the book using these three tips:

1. I read fast as described in this link: I let my finger dictate my reading speed. I wasn not able to comprehend as much, but when I got to the interesting parts, I slowed down.

2. I gave myself three “this is boring and I want to stop reading” impulses before I put the book down.

3. Alternate between a decent non-fiction book and a boring book.  I say non-fiction, because if it’s too interesting, you will have zero desire to read the the boring book.

Bonus, do you know the man is keeping track of your unfinished books. I know right…. Nothing is sacred anymore. Well, Goodreads can you tell you the number one unfinished books of 2013.

As a high schooler, I abandoned LOTR.  I forced myself to read the sequels after I saw the movie. I couldn’t live with not know what happened to Frodo!

I bought Wicked. I finished it. But, I was not impressed. I bought it because of the cover.

According to the infographic, a reader is more likely to put something down if it is slow, boring, and it has weak writing. They are least likely to put it down if it is immoral or it has bad editing. I wonder what the difference between weak writing and bad editing is.

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