OhMyGosh. Stop what you’re doing… including reading this blog post and go watch Undercover. Seriously.

Undercover is like a cross between  The Colony and The Cosby Show, and bits of things I’ve never seen before. Whatever– just watch it. Now I’m about to give some spoilers and take a shot at explaining the plot.

  1. The matriarch, Maya Cobbina played by Sophie Okonedo is a powerful smart inspiring, passionate lawyer.


Early Release

She plays the role with passion. There are plenty of Shonda Rhimes and house of Cards monologs, but it never felt overdone. The writing  is EXCELLENT!

And then you have her husband. Dude is perfect. He stays home with the kids while the woman makes the bacon. This is my situation at the moment so it resonated with me.

It’s crazy your feeling for this family your feeling for this kids and then like Colony we discover one isn’t being honest with the other. but the betrayal in Undercover is soo much worse and dramatic than COLONY.

My  husband doesn’t usually binge watch tv with me. But the hubby stayed the entire time and watched Undercover. It helped that it was only six episodes.

Anyways, the show is definitely worth watching.

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