I love being an indie author because I can write Coal, a fantasy set mostly in the fey realm with elves and dwarves. And then write the prequel as a horror set in the human realm at a low-income apartment complex.

The setting has been the biggest difference between writing fantasy vs. horror.  The setting for Coal was a 2-D stage I used to pull my action adventure novel from point A to point B.  It’s something characters stood on. In Black Beauty, the setting has to be a living visceral thing.  The point is not get from point A to point B to accomplish a goal. The point of horror is to drown your reader’s senses in sounds, smells, colors and textures so they can feel horrified. In Black Beauty, I’m learning how to paint a living breathing scene using words instead of a paint brush.  With that said, I’m off to edit Black Beauty and refine my brush strokes.
FYI: the two horror book that have blown me away with their brush strokes have been Eden Royce’s Spook Lights and The Shining Girls by Lauren Beaukes. (links and affiliate)
Of course, it could be me growing in leaps and bounds since writing Coal being more interested in

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